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Can Men with Varicocele Get Pregnant?

Can Men with Varicocele Get Pregnant
The ailment known as varicocele may sound strange to you. On the other hand, this disorder causes the veins around the testicles or scrotum to enlarge. These veins' paths have enlargement comparable to varicose veins, which often develop in the legs. Untreated varicoceles can impact sperm quality and production, even if they don't always result in infertility or infertility. So, are guys with varicocele able to become parents?

1. Recognize scrotal varicocele, or scrotal varicose veins.

Varicocele, as previously mentioned, is a disorder in which the veins near the testicular sac or scrotum enlarge. According to the Verywell Family, varicoceles are most frequently discovered on the left side of the scrotum, while they can occasionally be found on the right side as well. Initially, a man with a varicocele won't experience any noticeable symptoms. Additionally, the patient's life won't be in risk from this illness. However, the shrinkage of the testicles as a result of these blood artery dilations affects fertility. However, surgery will be used to treat varicocele patients if they experience symptoms like pain and certain visible indicators.

2. Men's varicocele causes

The origin of this disease has not yet been determined. However, there are numerous other factors than the veins' absence of valves that can have an impact. Examples include climate, diet, and genetic factors. According to some sources, the symptoms might also be brought on by excessive coughing, frequent constipation or difficult bowel motions, being overweight, or frequently carrying big weights. Indirect varicocele develops quickly. Boys aged 15 to 30 are most likely to get it, and it may first manifest during puberty.

3. Signs and symptoms to look out for

Every guy is encouraged to perform observations in front of a mirror to identify varicocele disease early. Try to palpate or feel the scrotum while squinting in the mirror. However, it is advised to get an examination right away if you have symptoms like soreness, dull ache, or a feeling of heaviness in the testicles (particularly after exercise), swelling, or a mass is observed in the scrotum, making one testicle feel smaller than the other.

4. Can fertility be improved by varicocele treatment?

There have been conflicting findings in studies examining the impact of varicoceles treatment on male fertility. According to Medical News Today, there is some evidence that treating varicoceles can increase fertility, particularly if the couple's infertility is due to an underlying condition that is unclear. The researchers do point out that more research is necessary because the evidence is tenuous.

The main issue with varicoceles is that the blood vessels might harm sperm and reduce sperm count due to their protrusion. A varicocele is unlikely to result in infertility in people with typical sperm counts. Therefore, it is crucial to run a number of tests, including sperm counts, when a couple experiences infertility rather than making the assumption that a varicocele is the only possible explanation.

5. Can guys who have varicocele become parents?

Relax; if you receive treatment, you still have a chance to become a parent. The majority of men with varicoceles do not have fertility issues, according to Medical News Today. However, those with varicoceles had infertility at a higher rate than those without varicoceles. So why does varicocele impact male fertility? This is due to varicoceles' interference with the spermatogenesis process. The scrotum, which is involved in the process of spermatogenesis, lacks oxygen when back blood flow is blocked. Consequently, sperm do not develop.

Men who have varicocele disease can therefore become parents. For that, speak with a doctor straight away to receive the appropriate care.

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